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We turn Travel Experiences into tailor-made cinematic content and provide them with unique exposure to the International Cinema Scene.

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Over the years, we have developed a unique offer on the international tourism market: we turn Your Exclusive Travel Adventures into unforgettable cinematic experiences and broadcast them at Film Festivals around the World.

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Festivals Audience

Come meet a captive, engaged and premium audience. Festival is not just about showcasing films but also to bring together a dynamic community of passionate spectators who, when they perceive the universal, emotional and aesthetic dimension of a film, become its ambassadors.

Global Exposure

Push the limits of your communication to new frontiers. A World Film Festival Tour makes your destination shine internationally and gives you the opportunity to communicate over an entire season (1 year) each time your film wins an Award or receives accolades.

Immersive Experience

Festivals offer exceptional broadcasting conditions: the size of the screen, the Dolby 5.1 surround sound, the darkness of the movie theatre, the visual quality of the projection, and the color rendering, everything is designed to immerse the viewer in your world.

Prestige & Recognition

Awards and accolades are among the best ways to bring the world’s attention to your Travel Experience or Destination. By getting involved in the creation of a cinematographic work, you ensure that you reach new audiences and lasting recognition which will amplify both your visibility and the notoriety of your brand in the prestigious world of Cinema and beyond.

8 seconds to convince? NO.

No scrolling here. The big screen is not a screen like any other. Viewers are not exposed to advertising messages against their will or by algorithms.
Result: your message leaves a more intense memory and emotional trace with a memorization rate of 75%.

Brand entertainment

Telling stories turns out to be a major challenge for tourist destinations and experiences. Some things you want to share cannot be told without stories.The cinematic story is unique and powerful: it takes the audience into your universe, it sublimates your message, it transmits the authenticity of your values and makes spectators want to live the travel experience that is being told to them.

Captivate, touch and inspire with multi-award winning travel series from international festivals-Your passport to the big screen!

Believe in magic! We have brought together two extraordinary worlds: Travel and Cinema. With our annual series entirely dedicated to Travel and Diving Experiences, we have created recognized artistic signatures, 2 precious caskets to enhance your Destination.

Awarded SERIES

Let’s join our creativity and together redefine the boundaries of travel film production and promotion!
Ready to Switch to Cinema Mode?

Bring Your Vision

First, we start shaping the film concept that best meets your goals, then start planning the production. Our role is to build a successful ecosystem around the film project: from the script, location scouting, logistics, the study of weather conditions, the research of the film's characters, the supply of high-end filming equipment, the film crew, up to complete post-production services (editing, color grading, VFX, music and sound design), we are at your side until the delivery of the final polished cinematic film, ready for festivals and beyond. Your film project can be part of our already award-winning series (Extraordinary Voyages and Blue Paradises) or be a stand-alone project, the goal remains the same: a World Festival Tour.

World Festival Tour

As soon as production of your film is complete, we carefully select a list of festivals where Your Film has the best chance of being selected in Official Competition. Our aim is to screen the film to a high-end and ultra-targeted audience, so we are primarily targeting festivals oriented towards travel, tourism, environment, underwater, wildlife, nature, Outdoor Adventures and Culture & Heritage.
We manage the entire process for you: create your project file (poster, synopsis, technical specifications, subtitles...), browse festivals, submissions, covering entry fees (up to your production package), programming planning, monthly reporting of selections and awards.

Communication Tools

- Beyond Festivals, all our film projects come with a 30-year usage license, so you can use the film where it will be most useful to you.
- We also grant you the non-exclusive right (timeless & worldwide) to use the footage from the film* separately (HD/4K/Vertical), on all possible media: from social media campaigns, TV commercials, trade shows, commercial & public display, feed the daily needs of your social networks, events to any web promotion.
- All our projects come with trailers for promotional purposes on social media: one of 30 seconds and one of 1 minute.

*Depending on your production package, we also grant the rights to use all video databases filmed during the production of the film.

Meet Our Collaborative Dream Team:
A Fusion of Creativity, Expertise, and Passion

We deliver a wide range of cinematic experiences to Tourist Boards, Hotels & Resorts, Liveaboards and Travel companies. We will help you to stand out.

Olivier Bourgeois
Producer - Director

Co-founder of Fly&Dive, Olivier has started his career as a commercial TV producer for major companies such as Danone, Air France, Coca-Cola, Universal or Sony Pictures. From 2004 to 2009, he produced, directed and wrote his first feature-length documentary « HERE TO STAY » (Original title « Nous Resterons sur Terre ») in co-production with the major studio GAUMONT FILM COMPANY. Starring Nobel Peace Prize Laureates Mikhail Gorbachev and Wangari Maathai, environmentalist James Lovelock and Philosopher Edgar Morin, the film was released in 25 countries and received official support from UNESCO and UNEP.

In 2015, Olivier created an audio-visual archive bringing together an unprecedented number of testimonies from archaeologists & museum curators who have contributed significantly to the protection and rescue of Syrian Heritage since the start of the conflict in 2011. Since then, he has brought his expertise as an International Consultant for various United Nations agencies in Syria. During these many stays, he produced and directed his second film "The Oath Of Cyriac", a docudrama based on the unbelievable true story of ordinary people saving the monumental collections of the Aleppo Museum during the war. Since 2022, the film has enjoyed an exceptional run in Festivals around the world, receiving no less than 19 Awards in 21 official competitions.

Since 2020, Olivier has devoted a large part of his time and energy to the production of two multi-award winning series: the first, BLUE PARADISES, devoted to the underwater world and which begins its 3rd season in 2024. The second EXTRAORDINARY VOYAGES is a gateway to the cultural and natural heritage of the world (season 2 in 2024).

Franck Meyer
Producer - Project Manager

Franck is the co-founder and a main creative driver of Fly&Dive. After spending over 10 years as an editor, motion designer and senior post-producer in the film industry (advertising, TV programs, live events broadcast) his passion for culture and nature has led him to produce various documentary films on heritage, mainly in the middle east. Franck’s extensive background in all aspects of content production combined with his mastery of digital grading, takes the look and mood of every single shot to the highest level.

Fascinated by unspoiled landscapes and unique marine ecosystems, Franck holds flying drones certifications and solid underwater filming experiences. While devoting his time and energy to new cinematic adventures with Fly&Dive, he also works with warzone archaeologists, telling their stories through powerful imagery and documenting the impact of conflict on World Heritage.

Since 2020, Franck has devoted all his energy to the production and post-production of two multi-award winning series: the first, Blue Paradises, devoted to the underwater world and which begins its 3rd season in 2024. The second Extraordinary Voyages is a bridge towards the cultural and natural heritage of the world (season 2 in 2024).

Nicolas verlhiac
IT Master

Full stack software expert | E-commerce & CRM